Control systems


Enerko Scada


Proprietary SCADA analysis and diagnostics system that enables 24/7 monitoring and analysis of all relevant parameters of the hydropower plant operation on one platform. In addition to basic training of plant personnel in the operational field, we also offer operational service for the entire plant, in accordance with the agreed scope.

Advantages of the SCADA system

The SCADA system allows you to create an autonomous facility. As a result, it does not require much involvement during operation.
  • Access to the parameters of the power plant 24/7 from the level of the application on the phone or computer
  • Quick error analysis and response to deviations, which allows you to avoid failure or downtime of hydro units
  • Suitable for new installations and existing hydropower plants
  • Suitable for new installations and existing power plants
  • Full archiving of all data

Electrical installations
and industrial automation

Electrical installations
and industrial automation

We provide complete solutions in the field of electrical and industrial automation. We provide consulting and technical selection of everything necessary for the proper operation of installations in new or modernized hydropower plants.

Scope of the offer

designing electrical and power installations, I&C and industrial automation

prefabrication of control cabinets, power and lighting switchboards

commissioning works, training and supervision over commissioning of completed installations

software for automation systems and visualization of technological processes

installation and commissioning of power supply, lighting, automation and I&C systems

periodic inspections and installation servicing