Compact solutions

We provide compact solutions for locations with low hydropower potential. They are designed and manufactured with the use of solutions for standard hydro sets, thus ensuring the achievement of the expected financial results from the investment.

The most important features

They are mounted on a frame or as a container solution

Self-supporting construction is also a structural element

The installation is fully automated by the control system

Initial assembly of components and tests are performed at the production site

It can be installed and put into operation within a few hours

Advantages of compact solutions

  • Cost reduction of up to 50% thanks to the standardization and modularity of the structure
  • Short delivery times due to standardized production
  • Low operating costs due to the standard set of spare parts
  • Short assembly and commissioning time of the installation due to the lack of the need to perform major construction works on the destination site
  • High efficiency in electrical production thanks to the high-performance hydraulic system
  • Off-grid island operation possible