Zabrzeż SHPP

Dunajec River

Classic highly efficient vertical Kaplan turbines working in the mountainous conditions

Zabrzeż SHPP

Classic highly efficient vertical Kaplan turbines working in the mountainous conditions


Diameter 1 670 mm
Head of 4 m
Power 500 kW

Technologies used

  • Two fully-equipped vertical Kaplan turbines

The cooperation with this customer has begun as a commission to optimise the design and business perspectives of the project. We have prepared an amended design documentation and obtained a new construction permit. On the basis of the optimised design, we have conducted complex civil works in demanding geological and environmental conditions. Finally, we have delivered two vertical Kaplan turbines, commissioned them and launched them into operation.

Expert in business consulting
Scope of work

Investment planning:

  • Evaluation of available hydropower potential
  • Optimising the choice of hydroset technology
  • Optimising the construction and technology solutions

Consulting and Design:

  • Construction process optimisation and development of a complete design documentation
  • Acquiring a construction permit
  • Developing a complete documentation set for the purpose of construction and assembly works

Execution of construction works as a general contractor:

  • Civil works coordination executed by our site managers and engineers
  • Conducting the operations of construction site office, as well as managing the cooperation with the authorities and the bank
  • Manufacturing and delivery of the complete Kaplan turbine technology
  • Supplying necessary auxiliary equipment for each hydroset at the SHP
  • Commissioning of the hydrosets
“We are very satisfied with the cooperation. The General Contractor has provided a comprehensive support and service at every investment stage and in its every aspect: from business, financial and legal advisory to the delivery of complete technological solutions.”
Dorota Chowaniec CEO of SHP’s proprietor company