Wolica SHPP

Czarna Nida river

Two types of turbines in a small hydropower plant

Wolica SHPP

Two types of turbines in a small hydropower plant

Historical view

The oldest mentions of the mill in Wolica come from the mid-nineteenth century. At that time, the mill was powered by two wooden wheels, 4 m in diameter. At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, the wooden building was rebuilt and a brick structure was erected in its place, the remains of which can still be seen today. After the reconstruction, the mill retained its previous function, but the grain milling rollers were not driven by two but one wheel, the diameter of which was 8 meters.

In 1932, a Francis turbine was installed in the mill, produced by the St. Weight S.A., with a power of 32 HP (horsepower). It was placed in a turbine cage located in an added building.

After the flood in 2001, the mill was transformed into a hydroelectric power plant and since then, after two modernizations, this is how it works.


Diameter 2600/1100 mm
Head of 2,2 m
Power 30/45 kW

Technologies used

  • Kaplan turbine
  • Archimedes' screw

The investment was carried out in the "design and build" formula together with the design, manufacture, assembly and commissioning of a hydro unit equipped with a Kaplan turbine and an Archimedes' screw.

Business Development Director
Scope of work

Investment planning

Feasibility study

Technical and financial concept of the investment project

Acquiring the right to dispose of the land

Obtaining a decision on environmental conditions

Obtaining a water law decision

Obtaining financing for the project from the European Fund

Arrangement of the implementation of the project with the Provincial Conservator of Monuments

Obtaining a building permit

Consulting and design

Preparation of the detailed design

Implementation in the general contractor formula

Delivery of a complete Archimedean screw hydro unit

Delivery of a complete Kaplan turbine hydro unit

Obtaining a permit to use the facilit

Obtaining a license to sell electricity.