Sulejów SHPP

Pilica River

Four low head siphon turbines

Sulejów SHPP

Four low head siphon turbines

Historical overview

Artificial Sulejów Reservoir that neighbours the SHPP has been built between 1969 and 1974. The reservoir's dam made of soil and concrete measures 1200 m in length and 16 m in height. Water barrage on Pilica and the SHPP are located just 500 meters down the river from the dam. Primary function of the barrage is to stabilise the riverbed below the Sulejów Reservoir dam. Due to the installation of the turbines, the barrage’s utility was increased, and the hydropower potential available there has been utilised in a cost-effective manner.


Diameter 1 170 mm
Head of 1.8 m
Power 200 kW

Technologies used

  • 2 semi-Kaplan turbines
  • 2 propeller turbines

As per framework of the cooperation with the owner of Sulejów SHP, we acted as a general contractor. Sulejów SHP is an example of a very low head powerplant. Due to the siphon turbine’s modularity much of the installation and testing could take place within the production facility itself – and for this reason, the construction and installation works at the powerplant were conducted quickly and efficiently. /Łukasz Gołąb Assembly Supervisor/

Assembly Supervisor
Scope of work

Consulting and Design:

  • Advisory to maximise the gain on the sale of generated energy
  • Support in acquiring external financing
  • Optimising the construction documentation

Execution of construction works as a general contractor:

  • Works coordination by the Assembly Supervisor
  • Conducting the operations of construction site office, as well as managing the cooperation with the authorities and the bank
  • Manufacturing and delivery of the complete Kaplan and propeller turbine technology