Sromowce V SHP

Dunajec river

Efficient utilisation of the hydropower potential of a water reservoir complex

Sromowce V SHP

Efficient utilisation of the hydropower potential of a water reservoir complex

SHP Sromowce V is part of the Hydropowerplant Complex Niedzica. The first one: Niedzica Pumped Storage Plant was planned at the beginning of the 20th century, and it was put into operation in 1997. So far, the complex has included four power plants, now there are five of them.


Diameter 900 mm
Head of 9 m
Power 325 kW

Technologies used

  • S-Type Kaplan turbine

The Project is based on the idea of utilising the existing untapped hydropower potential that lies within a lateral underground supply inlet. The powerplant is characterised by a high efficiency under the optimal running conditions that is no less than 91% for the turbine and 95% for the generator – and this in turn shall result in the powerplant’s high yield in terms of the generated energy. Additionally SHP has the ability to provide a quick starting energy source for the part of Polish grid in the event of a blackout and subsequent black start. Its ability to quickly self-start shall be used to repower the local grid in case of the outage.

Expert in business consulting
Scope of work

Consulting and Design:

  • Creation of a complete design documentation for the execution of construction
  • Acquiring a complete set of the necessary administrative decisions and other resolutions
  • Acquiring operating permit

Execution of construction works as a general contractor:

  • Civil works coordination executed by our site managers and engineers
  • Conducting site office, as well as managing the cooperation with the authorities and the bank
  • Conducting the construction and installation works
  • Delivery and installation of a complete hydroset and its auxiliary equipment