Sławoszowice SHPP

Barycz river

Maintenance-free SHPP within an avian refuge

Sławoszowice SHPP

Maintenance-free SHPP within an avian refuge

Historical overview

Sławoszowice SHPP utilises hydropower potential of Milickie Ponds region - these ponds have been established by the Order of Cistercians in the 13th century. Due to the human activity that is unique in Europe, the region has become one of Europe’s largest avian refuges. Currently this region is protected as Natura 2000 area, it is also a nature reserve and a landscape park.


Diameter 3 200 mm
Head of 3 m
Power 75 kW

Technologies used

  • Archimedes screw fitted within a concrete casing

Our wish was to create a system that would endow the owner with a source of passive income. The powerplant we have commissioned is fully automated and SCADA-equipped so it is able to send real-time operational data. Proper operation of the system is supervised by IOZE Hydro service team that remotely monitors the powerplant's operation and takes preventive measures to minimise the risk of a failure ensuring that the downtime is cut short to the absolute minimum. Moreover the inverter system and automated weir gates coupled with high clearance trash rack allowed to create a small hydropower plant that is mostly a maintenance-free system.

Business Development Director
Scope of work

Investment planning:

  • Evaluation of available hydropower potential
  • Selection of technology and land development planning
  • Financial and technical advisory

Consulting and Design:

  • Developing of a complete set of design documentation
  • Comprehensive execution of the investment process
  • Enrolling the SHPP into a new renewables support programme

Execution of construction works as a general contractor:

  • Civil works coordination executed by our site managers and engineers
  • Conducting the operations of construction site office, as well as managing the cooperation with the authorities and the bank; commissioning of the object
  • Manufacturing and delivery of the complete Archimedes screw technology