Bronocice SHPP

Nidzica river

Fish pass and revitalization of the weir as part of the construction of the SHPP

Bronocice SHPP

Fish pass and revitalization of the weir as part of the construction of the SHPP

Historical view

The first information about the water mill in Bronocice comes from the first half of the 19th century, when a list of towns, villages and settlements of the Kingdom of Poland was carried out. Unfortunately, its fate and the circumstances of its demolition or destruction are unknown. We only know that the weir on which the new SHPP is located was an object damming the water of the mill pipe, precisely for the needs of this mill. Today only the remaining basin of the area shows the course of the mill race itself.


Diameter 2500 mm
Head of 2,7 m
Power 37 kW

Technologies used

  • Active fish pass
  • Archimedes' screw in self-supporting construction

The cooperation with the client included the comprehensive implementation of the project, which, apart from the construction of the SHPP, included a fish pass and revitalization of the weir, in the "design and build" formula, i.e. design, obtaining the necessary approvals and administarative permits, construction of a hydroelectric power plant, as well as construction, assembly and commissioning of a hydro unit equipped with an Archimedes' screw working with inverter.

Business Development Director
Scope of work

Investment planning

Technical and financial concept of the investment project

Obtaining a decision on environmental conditions

Obtaining a water law decision

Obtaining a building permit

Consulting and design

Development of executive and assembly documentation

Development of multi-industry design documentation

Implementation in the general contractor formula

Reconstruction of the damming weir

Construction of a fish pass

Construction of a small hydropower plant building

Delivery of a complete Archimedes propeller hydro unit in a self-supporting structure

Obtaining a permit to use the facility

Obtaining a license to sell electricity

Mr. Michał Kubecki, as well as his construction workers, showed very reliable and professional work in the field of the investment. I can recommend other investors to cooperate with the company as a contractor with extensive and professional knowledge in this type of investment .
Krzysztof Joniak - owner