Bieleckie Młyny SHPP

Czarna Nida river

Archimedes screw in Natura 2000 area

Bieleckie Młyny SHPP

Archimedes screw in Natura 2000 area

Historical overview

The first written mention of the mill comes from 1746 from the General Inventory of Kieleckie and Samsonowskie landed estates and it shows that the mill already existed at the end of the 17th century and from October 22, 1700 it was owned by Jędrzej Wieczorek. In the 20th century, the mill was owned by local authorities for several years, and in 1957 it was bought by Teodor Komorniczak.

Teodor Komorniczak dismantled the wooden mill and replaced it with a brick one, in which a Francis turbine was installed (in such shape, the mill operated until 2001). The currently preserved water system from the 19th century has already been recognized as a monument.

The Archimedes screw hydroelectric power plant is adjacent to the old mill building.


Diameter 2800 mm
Head of 1,4 m
Power 37 kW

Technologies used

  • Archimedes screw with automated control system

The cooperation with the client included comprehensive implementation of the project in the turnkey formula, including: design, manufacturing, assembly and commissioning of a hydroset equipped with an Archimedes screw boasting automated control system.

Business Development Director
Scope of work

Investment planning

  • Feasibility study
  • Technical and financial concept of the investment project
  • Acquiring the rights to use the land
  • Obtaining a decision on environmental conditions
  • Obtaining a water law decision
  • Obtaining financing for the project from the European Fund
  • Making arrangement on the implementation of the project with the Provincial Historic Preservation Officer
  • Obtaining a construction permit

Consulting and design

  • Preparation of the detailed execution design

Execution of construction works as a general contractor

  • Delivery of a complete Archimedes screw hydro unit
  • Obtaining a permit to use the facility
  • Obtaining a license to sell electricity
All works were performed in accordance with the construction practice and with due diligence. I appreciate the cooperation mainly for comprehensive support in the entire implementation process of the project, as well as during the operation of my power plant.
Małgorzata Komorniczak - owner