Besko SHPP

Wisłok river

Francis turbine fitted on a biological water pipeline

Besko SHPP

Francis turbine fitted on a biological water pipeline

Historical view

Water Reservoir Besko, (or Sieniawskie Lake), has been created by damming the river in 1978. Its customary name (Besko Reservoir) is related to the originally planned location of the reservoir, which was to be located several kilometres down the river from where it currently is - in Besko village. The dam, however, was finally located at the 172.8 km of the Wisłok River, next to the Sieniawa village. The area of the reservoir is 1.3 km2, and its maximum depth is around 29 m.


Diameter 335 mm
Head of 19 m
Power 75 kW

Technologies used

  • Hydroset equipped with Francis turbine

The entire hydraulic system has been designed within the R&D department of IOZE Hydro to cater to the powerplant’s location individual needs. 3D design of the system has been optimised using CFD simulations to be effective and to eliminate the possibility of cavitation. For that purpose, the highly-specialised ANSYS-CFX software had been used. Owing to the individual design approach, a dedicated highly-efficient solution has been created to fit in perfectly with hydrogeological conditions of the powerplant’s location. Hydraulic efficiency of the system has been designed to be 94% under the optimal operating conditions.

Technologist, R&D Manager in Chief
Scope of work

Consulting and Design:

  • Legal advisory service
  • Creation of the design documentation for the execution of construction
  • Making arrangements with the transmission grid operator to allow for sale of electricity from the SHPP.

Execution of construction works as a general contractor:

  • Delivery and fitting of powerplant-related piping
  • Manufacturing, delivery and fitting of compact hydroset equipped with Francis turbine
  • Construction of auxiliary elements
  • Construction of powerplant’s hydroelectric control and management system.